Easter Drama, 2010

23 Mar

This was Drama about Jesus crucifixtion, that was stages on Good Friday 2010, at Hati Tak Bernoda Santa Perawan Maria Church, Bandung.

Staging of this drama makes people shed tears and to help people to better appreciate the suffering of Jesus in the way of his crucifixtion

They staged at 2x the mass, and appears once a deep appreciation of the young cast drama.

Adrianus, the title character of Jesus, the Passion movie, and trying to work out how to speak in a calm and dignified

Joan, Starring Maria try to live the role of the Virgin Mary by practicing with a serious appreciation.

Regina, who served as Soldiers, the game appears to compensate for Nico, and people do not think that one of the fierce soldier  it was a young beautiful girl.

Asep role as Peter, who denied Jesus.

Some seminarians from  Bogor dioceses also played a part in this drama. Fr Arie Andreas Susanto,  Fr Yoseph Yove , Fr Augustine Nanang.

Directed by Aege Dio, and preparation by Joseph and Lydian property, equipped with a property that we already have from previous years.

All performances are photographed by Michael and mr Howardi.

From all of that . this is a photo slide show interesting to watch.

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