Marilyn Monroe Tower

03 Jun

May,12th 2011

This Curvy residential condominium in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Within days of the announcement, the building had been nicknamed the “Marilyn Monroe Tower” due to its curvaceous, and reference to her voluptuous figure hourglass,  figure likened to actress Marilyn Monroe  Standing at 50 and 56 storeys, these two skyscrapers will be the tallest of any built in a Canadian suburban city.

The two towers are also known as the ‘Condo Couple’.The residential towers fan out from a 30,000ft² private recreation centre. The tower turns 180° from the base to the top.

The Condo Couple will have a continuous balcony around the entire skyscraper in place of the commonly used vertical barriers. The building makes a different angle at different levels to provide a 360° view to each unit.


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2 responses to “Marilyn Monroe Tower

  1. christopher

    July 18, 2011 at 8:24 AM

    waah keren angle curvynya dapet bgt ….. keren tan, ini karya arsitek santiago calatrava gedungnya bukan sih ? keren2 … aku ngambil jpgnya yah tan (kalo boleh tentunya hehehe ) btw yang di taman juga ada yang aku suka …..yang depthnya juga dapet (kata aku yah ) …. foto lorong pepohonan …. keren

    • ifang

      July 18, 2011 at 12:30 PM

      original designer , Yansong Ma, the Chinese architect pemenang lomba design 2006 … thanks ya…


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