Casa Loma- Castle in the City part 2 of 4

09 Jun
Casa Loma, February 2011, photograph by Michael Gunawan

View from second floor, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Second Floor

Sir Henry’s Suite: The walls are mahogany and walnut. A secret storage area beside the fireplace was used to store confidential documents.

Sir Pellatt's Suite

Sir Pellatt's suite

Sir Pellat's Suite

Sir Pellatt's Suite, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Sir Pellatt's bathroom :The shower was structured to completely surround the body with spray, by using 6 taps that controlled 3 levels of pipes. All the walls are outfitted with white carrara marble.photograph by Michael Gunawan

Sir Pellatt's Bathroom

Sir Pellatt's Bathroom, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Shower photograph by Michael Gunawan

bidet in Lady Pellatt's bathroom, a rare feature in Canadian homes at the time

Lady Pellatt's Suite, the walls are painted in Lady Pellatt's favourite colour: Wedgwood blue. photograprh by Michael Gunawan

Lady Pellatt's Suite

Lady's Pellatt's Suite

Lady Pellatt's Suite

Girl Guides Exhibit: Placed in the castle as a tribute to the support Lady Pellatt provided to the Guides when the organization was in its infancy, photograph by Michael Gunawan

photograph by Michael Gunawan

photograph by Michael Gunawan

Guest Suite: One of several such elegant rooms, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Guest Room

Guest Room

Round Room: Designed to fit the space below the tower, this Adams-style room has custom shaped doors to fit the curved walls, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Round Room


Windsor Room, Sir Henry hoped to have the Royal Family as guests in this room, photograph by Michael Gunawan

Windsor Room

I really enjoy to visit Casa Loma. Visiting  Casa Loma,  as I  traveled step back in time, feel the way Sir Henry Pellatt and his family used to live in such a luxurious and modern house in that era. Thank you so much to Michael, who guide and take me to visit this Castle.

Most beautiful picture in this article is photograph by Michael Gunawan, on February 2011 and May 2011.

I wrote about Casa Loma in 4 parts:
      • 1st part, Main Entrance, Main floor,
      • 2nd part, The Second Floor,
      • 3rd part, The Third Floor, Lower Level, and The Stables
      • 4th part, Garden and it’s beautiful flowers
http://www.Casa Loma.Org
Lonely Planet, Canada
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