Gardens of Casa Loma Part 4 of 4

12 Jul

Photograph by Michael Gunawan

The garden of Casa Loma, one of the most stunning parts of the building, portrays a wide variety of specialty garden areas in a unique and balanced setting; the colour pattern when many flowers blossom with shrubs and tall trees give an impressive view of the garden.

Artistic displays of annuals find strength in their colour schemes while the many flowering shrubs and trees provide an impressive array of foliage, texture and form. The ever-changing colours of this brilliant floral mosaic allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Casa Loma Gardens all season long.

The Gardens: Renovated by the Garden Club of Toronto, the 5 acres surrounding the castle feature formal perennial borders, sculpture and fountains. The wooded hillside showcases wild flowers and ferns plus dramatic rhododendrons and decorative grasses. Enjoy the serene beauty and changing panorama of rainbow colours May through October as the gardens mirror the transition of the Canadian seasons.

The Secret Garden: The Secret Garden gets its name from the perimeter fieldstone walls and cedar hedge that surround it. The area has a cottage garden feel due to the mixed plantings of shrubs and perennials and lush roses cascading down from the Arbour.

Photograph by Michael Gunawan

photograph by Michael Gunawan

Photograph by Michael Gunawan

Photograph by Michael Gunawan

Photograph by Michael Gunawan

Thank you so much to Michael, who guide and take me to visit this Castle.Most beautiful picture in this article is photograph by Michael Gunawan. I wrote about Casa Loma in 4 parts:

  • 1st part, Main Entrance, Main floor,
  • 2nd part, The Second Floor,
  • 3rd part, The Third Floor, Lower Level, and The Stables
  • 4th part, Garden and it’s beautiful flowers
http://www.Casa Loma.Org
Lonely Planet, Canada
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